Air Freight Forwarding

We provide a full range of air cargo services, including transportation, logistics coordination, and customs clearance assistance. Our team of experts handles all aspects of the air cargo process, from scheduling and coordination to carrier contracting, to ensure that your cargo is delivered on time and in good condition. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service to meet all of your air cargo needs.


  • Airport-to-airport
  • Door-to-door
  • Customs clearance
  • Express service
  • Full/part charter
  • Consolidation service
  • Cross-trade
  • On-board courier
  • Hazardous & restricted goods
  • Temperature controlled

Best Choice of Options from Air Freight

Charter Services

We arrange and coordinate charter flights for clients with special cargo needs or urgent delivery requirements.

Dangerous Goods Handling

Specialized handling and transportation services for dangerous goods, in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

Air Cargo Consolidation

Air cargo consolidation services to group smaller shipments together to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Air Cargo Network

Network of partners and agents in different locations around the world to provide a global coverage

Air Cargo Tracking

Real-time tracking of air cargo using advanced technology, allowing clients to monitor their shipment's progress and location.

Customs Clearance Assistance

Helping clients clear their cargo through customs, including the preparation and submission of necessary documentation.

Other Services

On-demand Capacity


With over eight thousand trucks across all U.S Ports, ROK provides immediate capacity

Cleverly Combined


We provide you with safe, reliable rail freight solutions of exceptional quality and reliability

Ready, set, done


Scalable warehousing capabilities with a comprehensive range of value-added services

Ocean freight
Robust Coverage

Ocean freight

Unrivaled ocean freight solutions, dominating global shipping with our unbeatable network.

Ocean freight
At a glance


Industry-leading, full-capacity truckload services for unmatched efficiency in long-haul transportation.