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Become a carrier partner with us and unlock access to over 10,000 weekly loads. Simplify your operations, scale your business, and set the stage for long-term success.

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Carrier Benefits

Unlock top-tier opportunities and support designed to elevate your trucking business.

High Volume

Access to 10,000+ weekly loads via ROK LANES load board.

Versatile Freight

Handle loads of all sizes and commodities

Expert Support

Benefit from a dedicated Carrier Relations Team focused on you.

Timely Payments

Enjoy quick, reliable payment terms to keep your operations smooth


Utilize our advanced tech platform for efficient load management

Carrier Community

Join a network of reputable carriers for knowledge-sharing and support.

become a capacity provider


Initiate your partnership with us by filling out our application online or over the phone. This will provide us with necessary information about your operation to ensure a great fit.

Vetting process

ROK will analyze your application

We'll confirm your credentials, safety records, and insurance details. Expect the review process to be completed within 30 Minutes.

Confirmation and Setup


Upon successful vetting, we'll guide you through the final setup process. This includes contract signing, system integration, and briefing on our operations.

Best Buy

Secure Exclusive Contract Freight & Dedicated Lanes

Form valuable partnerships with top-tier brands like Target, and Best Buy. Gain access to exclusive, direct-from-shipper loads and specialized dedicated lanes you won't find elsewhere.

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